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Demented Planet


$20.00 AUD

This band is dedicated to the interstellar monster lover and all things creepy and demented!

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What It Looks Like


Product Description

This band is dedicated to the interstellar monster lover and all things creepy and demented!

Pack includes:

1 x Premium elastic Wristband Artwork w/ NFC Chip
1 x Collectable PVC Artist Card w/ QR Code
1 x Glossy Artist Sticker
1 x Premium “Wristband Keeper” Packaging

The NFC Chip

When you scan

You can learn more about your Artwork and the Artist behind it!

When your friend scans

They can get 10% off their first order, and you can get 25% of their order value back in Empire Points!

The QR Code

Each artwork will come with an Artist-designed collectible card. This card will link to an Index Page dedicated to that Artist, which will serve as a link between you and the Artist. This will allow you to learn more about them as an Artist, view more of their work, find ways to support them, and even get in touch with them if you would like to commission them!


Empire Bands are form fitting and can stretch to fit a variety of wrists between 140mm and 185mm. Our size will fit 90% of adults wrists comfortably.

If you are not happy with the fit of your band, we will be happy to provide a refund if you return your product in accordance with our returns policy.

Care Instructions

What to avoid


Excessive exposure to salt water can degrade the elasticity within your band – try to avoid where possible.


There are particular fatty acids in some oils and lotions that may act to break down the fabric and cause warping of the elastic within your band – avoid where you can.

How to clean your band

Cold wash

Put it through the wash on cold, preferably using a small washer bag.

Air dry

Avoid using a machine dryer or ironing the band – simply leave it out to dry.

Supporting Artists

We love our Artists! So much so that all Artists receive an additional 10% of each sale of any product they have helped design.

The collection