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How to Earn Points


Refer a Friend

Scan your band or share your referral link. Your friend gets 10% off and you get 25% of their order value back in points.


Purchase Artworks

Get 5% of your total order value back in points



Post a picture of your artwork for a chance to win points


Submit a Review

Submit a review via the product page to earn 20 points

Why Earn Points?


Unlock Tiered Artworks

Use your “Total Earned Points” to unlock premium designs. Your Total Earned Points is the TOTAL number of points you have earned over all time, regardless of points used for purchases – they never go down.


Purchase Artworks

Use your “Points Balance” to purchase more artworks. Your Points Balance is the amount of CURRENT points you have in your account wallet after using points for purchases – these will go up and down, depending what you buy and what you spend your points on.

* When spending your points, 10 Empire Points is equal to $1.00 AUD.

Tier Levels

Work your way up to Empire Club status.

Tier One

0 Points Required

Tier Two

40 Points Required

Tier Three

70 Points Required

Tier Four

100 Points Required

Empire Club

150 Points Required

Want to learn more?

Grab the points explainer PDF below