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Nevada, USA

Joe is a 27 year old graphic designer that resides in Las Vegas, and is highly inspired by 80’s/90’s era Metal/Punk band merchandise/music and Medieval Fantasy.

What challenges have you faced as an artist?​

One of the bigger challenges I faced and still face as an artist (and I’m probably sure I’m not the only one who will have this answer) is Art block. It is one of the most depressing and world destroying enemies that you can face. Whenever It strikes I try to take a few days to myself and let my mind diffuse. I NEVER try to force myself to draw.

Nevada, USA

"May the Crust Be WIth You"

$15.00 AUD

An argument that spans the cosmos and will stand the test of time… There are two types of humans in this world. Those that savour the sweet, warm embrace of a pineapple portion atop their Pizza — and those that would risk their life to defend the dignity of their pepperoni. Many verbal exchanges have been waged over the years, but the time is NOW… a final culmination in the form of an intergalactic battle of the toppings which will ultimately decide the fate of the Pineappleanians.

No matter which side you choose, the battle will be fierce. May the crust be with you soldier…

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What are your favourite tools to create art with?

“I love using programs like photoshop. There are so many different things you can do to give you a great end result especially being able to go back through and see what I do and dont like about a piece and having the ability to change it on the fly even after its final stages.”

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If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring artists, what would it be?

My advice from personal experience would be to tell yourself that its okay to step away when you need to. Art IS a grind and just like everything else that you love, you need to take that space and when you do it helps you come back at that idea or that piece even stronger.

Nevada, USA

What future styles or direction to you want to explore/ take your art?

“I’ve actually started going in a more gritty fantasy direction and going finer with detail overall and I have some pretty awesome pieces with this direction that have not seen the light of day as of yet and I’m super excited to get to share them soon.”

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