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Voodoo Salad


Tibor is an artist from Hungary who takes inspiration from “odd things on the streets, creepy looking toys, kitsch, old video games and experimental music.”

What has influenced the style of art you create?

I’m mostly influenced by everyday life events and old video games, mangas (Uzumaki, Gantz), animes (Perfect Blue, Lain, Memories, Mononoke (not the princess one) , western cartoons and comics (The Tick, Ed Edd ‘n’ Eddy, Dexter’s Laboratory, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbs) and video games (The Neverhood, Earthworm Jim).

Voodoo Salad

"420 Blaze It"

$15.00 AUD

This band is dedicated to the jokers, the smokers, the midnight tokers. Those who love their midnight munchies, couch lock, and endless conspiracy theories. This band is for you…

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What are your favourite tools to create art with?

“My technical pens and my brushpen!”

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What is the story behind your design style?

I’ve started with drawing only portraits with pencils, but it got old in a few years and I almost gave up at that point. After a long break I’ve started again, but with the intention of being less strict with myself while working.

Voodoo Salad

What future styles or direction to you want to explore/ take your art?

“I’d like to do more animation and music related things in the future beside my ongoing project.”

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