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Rob Israel

New York, USA

Rob is an illustrator/graphic artist from New York. His style comes from sci-fi/horror movies, comics, video games, anime, cartoons, and psychedelic artwork.

Where do you get inspiration to create the designs you do?

I grew up collecting comics (still collect some these days) watching cartoons and horror and sci-fi movies that probably weren’t appropriate for my age. I also was heavily involved in the punk hardcore scene in my teens so some of these looks have kind of remained in my work. My work is also heavily influenced by politics, internet culture and current events.

Rob Israel
New York, USA

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What are your favourite tools to create art with?

“Depending on the work, I usually like to use micron pens and copic markers.“

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What is the story behind your design style?

Depends on what piece you are talking about. I feel like my work is noticed for having monstered up iconic images where I make them look like they came from an alternate hell dimension. I always enjoyed drawing monsters and I kind of fell into it and kept on going.

Rob Israel
New York, USA

What future styles or direction to you want to explore/ take your art?

“Everyday takes my work to a different place so I can’t answer that question at the moment.“

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