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Mike Watt

Sydney, Australia

Mike likes to draw and paint stuff. He’s a bit of a hermit, and he really likes ice cream, fried rice and beer.

What has influenced the style of art you create?

I think my style comes from a mash up of things I loved growing up.. And still do, cartoons, comics and graffiti.

Mike Watt
Sydney, Australia

"Paint the Town" (The Empire Band)

$20.00 AUD

This band was created to encapsulate the spirit behind Empire Artist. It was made collaboratively with two Artists, Mike Watt and Pogo, and each side of the band represents a different side of the Art world. On one side, you have Mike’s gritty, street take on Art, while Pogo’s side focuses on the lighter, softer tones in the work he creates.

“Paint The Town” really communicates, both in the design and the title, what Empire Artist is all about. Throw on your wristband, and go paint the town…

View the Band

What are your favourite tools to create art with?

Biros, white out pens, Illustrator, Photoshop, spray paint, house paint... I think they’re the main ones.

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What about art makes you happy?

I’m all about a persons individual style. I feel like when someone has their own style in whatever medium, music, stand up, film making… There is something really special and interesting that I love to see. I feel like it’s like seeing an interesting personality. There is so much sameness in the world, everything has been done so it’s unavoidable to double up, but it’s always so nice to see someone really trying to do something their way, even if it’s doing something that’s been done to death.

Mike Watt
Sydney, Australia

What future styles or direction do you want to explore/take your art?

I’m working on somethings at the moment that I’m really having fun with.. I haven’t quite figured it out yet so I don’t want to say too much, but I want to push story telling a bit more. Mixed with a few other bits and pieces.

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