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Los Angeles, USA

Richie was born in East Los Angeles, and has become a leader in the grime art world. He likes that his style “can be as shitty or clean as [he] wants it to be.”

Tell us about your journey becoming an artist?

I feel like my art is a product of the internet. Like I never had any direct interest in the art world. Like I drew a bit when I was younger but that was just driven by boredom I think. Everything has been random but I’m now finding out that its all full circle and stuff kinda falls into place.

Los Angeles, USA

"Rise and Grime"

$15.00 AUD

This band is dedicated to those that love all things Grimey!

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What are your favourite tools to create art with?

“I don’t have a favorite set of tools. Sometimes creativity strikes and you looks around you and just grab whatever tool that’s there. I always carry a Notebook,Pen and Sharpie. The Internet used to be my favorite tool till it started using us.”

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What challenges have you faced as an artist?

So many challenges for sure but most of it isn’t skilled based challenges, for me its been and balancing the productive procrastination. I work from home and my home is full of distractions. Just being productive has become the biggest challenge so far.

Los Angeles, USA

What future styles or direction to you want to explore/ take your art?

“I want to bring it out into the real world and create some more Grimey type of installs and experience.”

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