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Alex Lehours

Sydney, Australia

Alex is a Sydney based artist, illustrator and designer. His work can best be described as an eccentric explosion of chaos, humour, colour and absolute randomness!

What has influenced the style of art you create?

I have been influenced by a lot of different things in my artmaking. I draw reference from all kinds of different art forms. Anything from classical art of the Old Masters to tattoos, comic books, Manga, pop culture, typography, fine art, packaging, branding, music and film.

I guess my style is a combination of everything that I like.

Alex Lehours
Sydney, Australia

"Spit Your Game"

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Spit your game, talk your ****, grab your gat, call your clicks—This band designed by the talented Alex Lehours is for all the hip-hop lovers. A wrist-worn tribute to some of the realest rappers who ever lived.

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What are your favourite tools to create art with?

“Acrylic paint, spray paint, brushes, spirit level, rags and scissor lifts for those big big jobs.”

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What about art makes you happy?

I think it’s the freedom you feel when creating something. I also think it’s the challenge involved when trying to create something new and unique. It’s a fantastic outlet to get all your ideas, theories, philosophies and personality out there. I feel you can express things via art that you just can’t do any other way.

I absolutely love it and would be lost without art in my world… It is my world.

Alex Lehours
Sydney, Australia

What future styles or direction to you want to explore/ take your art?

“I would love to keep developing my own art process and just see where it takes me. I would love to try and experiment with sculptural elements and maybe play around with some inter-active features.”

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