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Redefining art through technology

Scannable artworks for your wrist

Still looking at Art on a wall?

With new technology comes new experiences.
Unlock your Art experience now.

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  • 420 Blaze It

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  • Braindead

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  • Hair of the Dog

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  • Spit Your Game

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Art should not be confined to a Gallery—Wear your Art on your Wrist



Show off your Artwork, and get your friends to scan your band for discounts



Scan your band to learn more about your Artist and their Story

How we support our Artists

Read on about how we ethically source our artworks and provide ongoing support for the Artists that supply them.


We Pay Fairly

We pay for—and own—all our Artworks upfront


Ongoing Artist Support

Despite owning the artwork, we still pay Artists 10% of each sale on top of that


Artist Promotion

We put the Artist first—Even including them in paid advertising to help them gain recognition

Want to stand out from the crowd?

Make a statement with our wearable, interactive artworks.