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Wristband Artworks

How it works

Art should not be confined to a Gallery—Wear your Art on your Wrist


Support an artist through purchasing an artwork. Scan the wristband and artist card to engage with and learn more about the artist.


Share your art by getting friends to scan your band and make a referred purchase. Friends can get 10% off their first order — and you can get 25% of their order value back in Empire Points.


Scan your band to learn more about your Artist and their Story. Use your Empire points to purchase more wristbands and get access to premium tiers of exclusive artwork. Earn 5% Empire Points per purchase.

Help support artists

All Artists are paid upfront for their designs–Plus they receive 10% of EVERY purchase!

Browse wristbands

What's in the box?

Here's what's included when you purchase a wristband artwork

Wristband with NFC Chip

Your wristband acts as an online portal for your Artwork--Scan your band to learn more about the artwork, or get your mates to scan for a discount on their next purchase!

Unlock your Artwork

Artist Card with QR Code

Each wristband artwork will come with an Artist-designed collectible card. This will allow you to learn more about them as an Artist, view more of their work, find ways to support them, and even get in touch with them if you would like to commission them!

A portal to the Artist

Digital Artist Magazine

Want to learn more about your Artist? Each Artist magazine includes interviews, an artist gallery, behind-the-scenes info about the wristband, and much more!

Learn the story behind your Artwork

Glossy Artist Sticker

With every wristband comes a rad sticker designed by the Artist--Slap it up for everyone to see!

Slap it up for everyone to see!

"Wristband Keeper" Packaging

Wondering how to store your bands? We've got you covered! We've created a premium "Wristband Keeper" package so you have somewhere to store your collection!

Keep your bands looking fresh

Pick a vibe

Are you a festival head or a gamer? A stoner or a surfer? Whatever you are, we've got a band for you.